Here you will find out a bit more about me, so buckle up and enjoy the ride !

Where it all started

Once upon a time, two young actors named Gilles and Laurence who fell madly in love while playing their parts in a show nights after nights.

From this love story were born 2 little demons and 1 angel ( judge for yourself)

tournage vidaste toulouse

How it continued

And so, on the 17th of November 1988, in the vibrant city of Paris, a young Judith Gerardin came into the world, destined to become a hunter of emotions and an extraordinary storyteller.

However, the path to this destiny was anything but straightforward. Like many young girls, I was once promised a future as a shining star, destined for the pop music industry. Alas, my aspirations in that direction were cut short after my first and, as it turned out, last stage performance during my 6th-grade end-of-year show. With a sigh of resignation, I embarked on a winding journey to discover my true self. 

One day, I found myself working as a veterinary assistant; the next, I was tending to a farm. I dabbled in the world of beauty as a beautician and orchestrated events as an event manager. My life was a carousel of roles and experiences until one day, while creating my very first short film, it finally dawned on me—a moment of epiphany that set me on the path to becoming an emotions huntress and an extraordinary storyteller.

“What drives me? Travels, challenges, encounters. And when I’m not filming? I’m filming”

That's how it ended

As far back as my memory stretches, a camera has been a constant companion in my life. In my childhood, it was my father’s enormous shoulder camera, a behemoth three times my height and three times my weight. During my teenage years, I saved up and treated myself to a small VHS camera. From there, I progressed to my first Canon 650D camera and eventually my trusty Sonys, which continue to be my partners in all my projects today. 

Being entirely self-taught, I’ve lost count of the hours I’ve dedicated to learning the ropes on YouTube – mastering camera operation, orchestrating edits on Premiere, and perfecting photo retouching in Lightroom. I’ve also spent countless hours cajoling my friends into being my models, some eagerly embracing the role, while others required a bit more persuasion. You see, it’s the human element that truly fuels my passion. My curiosity about people knows no bounds, and it’s a driving force that consistently propels me forward. 

My work revolves around capturing truths—yours, mine, and everyone else’s. In this dynamic pursuit, I use my images to seek out indisputable evidence.

So, what motivates me? It’s the thrill of exploring new places, taking on challenges, and forging connections with remarkable individuals. And when I’m not actively filming, you can bet that I’m still thinking about my next cinematic venture.

vidéaste sur une plage à la baule

3 useless facts about me

I have heterochromia. WTF? I have different colored eyes. It’s light but in the sun, you’ll notice it.

I have dual Franco-Australian nationality.

I can’t do without crème fraiche, in every dish, every day, forever… FOREVER!!!