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Based in Toulouse and La Baule, France half year and Perth, Australia the other half. I move around the globe for all your projects.

Well, look who’s stumbled upon my corner of the internet – you! Whether you got here through the cosmic alignment of stars or just some fancy internet magic, welcome to the party!

I’m Judith, but my pals call me Jude. And while we’re not besties yet, who knows what the future holds? By considering me for your wedding videography or photography needs, you’re letting me in on the funniest, most heartfelt adventure of all – capturing your memories.

But before we dive into this rollercoaster of creativity, let’s have a blast exploring this website. You’ll find some jaw-dropping visuals in my portfolio, along with hilarious stories from clients who’ve survived my wacky antics. Now that you know my story, I’m itching to hear yours! Share

your wildest dreams for your project, no matter if you’re partying in Toulouse, chilling in La Baule, or soaking up the sun in Perth, Australia.

Ready to kick off this shindig? Drop me a line, and let’s make capturing your special moments the most entertaining gig in town!

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A word for the future bride and groom

Indeed, a wedding film is a truly enchanting gift that you can bestow upon yourselves.

While photographs undoubtedly capture the essence of the day, a film adds a touch of enchantment by resurrecting the magic of movement, life, and emotions. With video, you’re not just witnessing the past; you’re embarking on a journey back in time, rekindling the extraordinary sensations of that momentous day.

Consider this: your wedding film isn’t just a recording; it’s a precious keepsake that narrates your unique story. It encapsulates the essence of your love, and as time dances on, it becomes an invaluable treasure chest of memories, allowing you to relive those cherished moments over and over again.

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A word for the corporates

In today’s world, video and photography have evolved into indispensable elements of effective communication strategies.

When it comes to conveying your services, products, values, or even your personal narrative, there’s no better way than to paint your story with vibrant images. Imagine the power of my keen camera combined with your unwavering trust – it’s a match made in heaven, a recipe for a triumphant partnership. Together, we can craft compelling visual narratives that resonate, leaving a lasting impression on your audience and achieving our shared goals.

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Welcome onboard !

The globetrotter that I am can’t stay in one place for too long… You will find me everywhere in France but also abroad this year. Here is where:

LA BAULE, FRANCE : 13/05 – 30/06/24

DEAUVILLE, FRANCE : 07/06 – 09/06/2024

LAKE KOMAN, ALBANIA : 27/08 – 04/09/24

CISTERNINO, ITALY : 23/09 – 27/09/24


A sample of my creations

Your kinds words (that melt my heart)

We used Judith for our big wedding celebration after Covid-19. She was available, easy to communicate with even for us from the States. We got lucky she was available on our day! He is also fluent in English which was great because my husband is American! She understood right away what we wanted and what very flexible in the formula she offered us. Her job on the wedding day was perfect! We decided to go with a picture plan and a video tease. It was the perfect balance of still pictures and video! The teaser just brought up a lot of great moments, laughs and tears that I want to remember forever. To me having those great shots of my grandma talking to my husband is just better than anything The prices were fair and her editing turnaround was super fast! Would definitively recommend!

Marie, bride from the US

Judith captured two very special moments in our lives, our wedding and the announcement of our second pregnancy. What makes her so great is she works in the background catching moments that you don't even realise and then constructs them in such a way it moves you so much you have tears of joy. She is quick, professional and comes from a family of filming geniuses! Highly recommended her.

Cheri, bride from Australia

INCROYABLE!! Teaser et film de mariage qui ont largement dépassé nos attentes. Avant le jour J, Judith a été à l'écoute de nos souhaits, de nos envies. Le jour J, tout le monde l'a adorée. Et que dire du résultat? Exceptionnel. On aurait pas rêvé mieux. Judith a su créer un film qui nous ressemble et qui retrace parfaitement la journée. Allez y les yeux fermés, vous ne le regretterez pas, cette fille est en or!

Maxime, un marié heureux

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